Easter Brunch at Appeltje Eitje Prins Hendrikstraat

Welcome to our easter brunch page!
1) check the brunch options below
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Brunch options (32,50 for 2 persons):

April’s almost here, Easter is almost here!

We have two options available for you:

  • Option 1 is the regular (with meat) brunch
  • Option 2 is the vegan brunch.

Please fill in the form and mention how many you’d like (of each). You can see what’s includes in the images. Both are €32,50 for 2 persons!

Pick-up: 1st or 2nd Easter Day at 11:00, Appeltje Eitje Prins Hendrikstraat

Delivery: for an additional €3. Only in The Hague

Please mind that this form is for Appeltje Eitje Prins Hendrikstraat. If you want to order in Scheveningen, then click here to find out more.

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