let us tell you a little bit about

our story

The main reason why we ever started Appeltje Eitje is our love for good food. Food that not only tastes great, but also provides you with all the good stuff your body needs. We have something on the menu for everyone, whether you’re vega(n) or a true carnivore. Everyone is welcome at Appeltje Eitje. 

Come and say hallo. Or hello. Or bonjour, hola, Guten Tag. Whatever you prefer.

It all started here:

Prins Hendrikstraat

Appeltje Eitje started at the Prins Hendrikstraat in Den Haag about 10 years ago.

After all those years, Appeltje Eitje became like a second ‘huiskamer’ for many locals, meaning: a living room. However, Appeltje Eitje always strives to make anyone feel welcome. No matter where you’re from, what you diet is or what you do. This can be your place, too.

The adventure continues


And then in April 2020, after about 6 weeks of the pandemic, Appeltje Eitje opened its doors – or well, takeaway window, in Scheveningen. Located near the beach and in the heart of the neighborhood: the Keizerstraat. A perfect location to hop by before or after a visit to the beach.